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Functional / Commenting and Sharing on social medias

The cookies on this website are either set by us (called “First party cookies”) or by our third party partners (known as “Third party cookies”) and are further described below, per category. Those presented with an asterisk (*) are session cookies, meaning that they expire when the user closes their browser.


Cookies in this category are used to check technical settings of your browser for us to deliver the best possible experience on this website.


WordPress is the content management system used to host this website. Wordpres uses the “has_js” (*) cookie to check whether your browser has Javascript enabled. Please note that it is not currently possible for this website to function without setting this cookie.


Youtube is a video hosting service from Google used to provide video to visitors to this website. Youtube cookies used are “PREF”, “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE”, “YSC” (), “GEUP” and “ACTIVITY” ().

It is to be noted that the “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE” cookie is used to estimate the bandwidth.

Functional / Commenting and Sharing on social medias

Cookies in this category allow you to post comments on this website, and to share content from this website onto social media websites.


ShareThis is a widget used that allows visitors to this website to share content via e-mail and a variety of social sites. It uses cookies to track clicks and other streaming activities of users across their publisher network.

You can learn more and/or opt out from getting these cookies by following the instructions on 


Cookies in this category allow us to get measures on how visitors navigate this website, in order to for us to have a better understanding of how this website is used by visitors, for instance who visits this website, how visitors arrive (e.g. direct hit, via search engine), what pages visitors are looking at, how long they stay on the site before they leave, in order to in the end optimize and improve this website. Beyond the examples below, we also use Google Analytics, Marketo and Acquia Lift standard cookies.


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